What does the Administrative-Territorial Reform entail?
The Administrative-Territorial Reform leads to the consolidation of small local government units into larger and more efficient units that are capable to provide greater access and deliver high quality and adequate public services to their citizens and communities. Albania has currently 12 regions (qarqe), 309 comunes and 65 municipalities

Who initiates the Administrative-Territorial Reform?
The Albanian Government will initiate the Administrative-Territorial Reform in close cooperation and coordination with local government units.

Who approves the new administrative-territorial division of the country?
The Albanian Parliament will approve the law “On administrative-territorial division of the local government units”. A qualified majority of 84 votes of Parliament members is required to pass this law.

Are there other countries that have implemented a similar Administrative-Territorial Reform?
There are many countries in Europe who have successfully implemented a similar Administrative-Territorial Reform in the last two decades. This includes Denmark, Sweden, Macedonia, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and few other countries.

How will the Administrative-Territorial Reform affect me as a citizen?
The citizens and communities are the final beneficiaries of the reform. They will enjoy more and better public services by the local governments units. Larger local government units will have more competencies, capacities, and funds to serve citizens more efficiently and deliver services that seek to meet EU standards.

How will the Administrative-Territorial Reform affect me as a business person at the local level?
The new and larger local government units will have all instruments to support businesses and local economic development. Business will find less bureaucracy at the local level and more professional local administration. The business environment will improve as local government units will be able to offer efficient services with fewer costs. Larger units will have larger investment capacities which mean more opportunities for local businesses.

Where can I find information about the Administrative-Territorial Reform?
You can visit this web site that is dedicated to the Administrative-Territorial Reform in Albania. You will find here information on: the issues that the reform will address, the stakeholders, the draft law on the reform, opportunities for participation in this reform, and activities to develop and implement the reform throughout Albania. A link to this web site will be available also at the official website of the Minister of State for Local Issues.

How can I contribute to the Administrative-Territorial Reform?
If you are a citizen or representative from local community you can contribute by:
(i) participating in the public consultation process about the Administrative-Territorial Reform that will take place near you; (ii) expressing your opinion by contacting your closest Regional Coordinator for the Reform or mayor; and (iii) sending your opinion and suggestions via e-mail to the Technical Secretariat for the Reform ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). You can find in this web site information about the time and location of the public consultation near you and the closest Regional Coordinator for the Reform. All comments and suggestions by individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions will be documented, analyzed, and taken in consideration in developing the legal framework for the Administrative-Territorial Reform and during its implementation.

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